Alien Energy is the leader in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency audit and LED manufacturing since last 25 years.

The Alien Group of companies(AGC) is headed by alumnus of IIT  Rookee and have multiple senior retired directors from CPWD,PFC,NTPC . Alien also has  professionals from various prestigious universities  in its leadership team. 

Alien Energy specializes  in the business area of Rooftop solar installation in all three forms – on grid, of grid and hybrid. LED manufacturing, Driver manufacturing ,  Emergency Lights and Street Lighting are some other areas of our expertise.

Alien Energy has been consistently working with government and industrial bodies such as BEE, EESL, MNRE, BIS, ELCOMA, ISLE and NGOs  addressing India’s power crisis through energy efficient lighting solutions .

With its inhouse R&D center and experienced research team Alien keeps on working on new and innovative products . Some of them include Smart LED bulbs, IOT based Solar Monitoring System, UV based hand sanitizer etc.

Alien Energy also provides advance solar solutions for all segments which include :

  • Solar Street Lights
  • Solar Heater
  • Solar Water Pumps
  • Solar Trees

Some of  the LED Products that Alien Energy offers include:

  • Indoor LED
  • Decorative LED
  • Outdoor LED
  • Industrial LED

Alien Energy also provides attractive benefits via ESCO offerings and  offers endless new lighting solutions with innovative designs and customizations.


Our Vision

To be globally recognized corporation that provides Clean Energy and best Energy Efficient solutions, delivered by best-in class people to make word greener & carbon free. We look forward to your visit our RDD center and Corporate Office to know the best ways to achieve energy efficiency.



Alien Group of Companies comprises of a  Grade 1 ESCO approved by BEE and EESL.

Our specialty is  to provide LED lights to customers without upfront capital investment or at zero cost.

Cost of the lighting fixtures is recovered from the energy saving amount with a very short payback period..

Inhouse R&D facility


Innovation is the hallmark of every vital development at Alien Group . New ideas, invention deepen scientific knowledge and give a new impetus towards technical progress.

Alien's technological strengths and its endeavor towards continuous research & development have allowed it to fulfil its responsibilities of providing its customers the best products and zero defect services and to enable them with the benefit of maximum energy saving.

Each of our product goes through an eco-design process which helps in identifying environmental impact in terms of efficiency and hazardous substances.