Advantages of Solar Energy

One of the major advantage of rooftop solar is that the consumer feels that he has built his own power house to generate power from the natural resource that is renewable energy on his roof top of the building which he proudly accept and operates his all electrical appliance with the power of Sun converting the sun energy into electrical energy. Since the fuel source from solar panels is directly available and it is endless so no external fuels is required.

  • Sun energy is free of cost and is available in ample quantity from universe.
  • The solar panels have an unlimited life with fast response and high reliability.
  • The system can operate at all atmospheric conditions under high temp. as well as under low-temperature conditions.
  • The solar panels are inherent short circuit protected and safe to operate under any load conditions.
  • The rooftop solar systems are pollution-free with minimum maintenance required.
  • The operation of the rooftop system is simple with no electrochemical reaction and no liquid medium.
  • The solar system is noise-free as there is no moving parts.
  • The rooftop systems are not having any transmission losses as installed within the premises of the consumer and in the vicinity of the load.
  • The rooftop systems are in modular form and have a provision of the future expansion of capacity is available.
  • The rooftop systems can generate power from milli-watt to mega-watt depending upon the rooftop space available.
  • The rooftop systems earn –returns & eliminate or reduce electricity bills.
  • The system protects environments & reduces the heat load of the top floor of consumer premises.

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