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LED VS Incandescent

Today, everyone wants to know why led light are durable. And there is one question always swirling in our mind that, How long LED light can last? And what is the life expectancy of LED? As you know the popularity of Led lights are much higher than incandescent light. So,Alien energy LED lights are not only energy-efficient but also cost-effective and also offers complete lighting equipment all over india
Now Let’s start and clear up all the doubts why led are durable. So, firstly we compare between led and incandescent lights.

LED VS Incandescent

  • The consumption of the led bulb is 90% energy-efficient.
  • LED lights emit better brightness than other one.
  • The cost of LED lights is higher than the average one.
  • Incandescent light consumer 5 times energy then to led light
  • Brightness and shininess of the incandescent light are dull and dim.
  • Incandescent lights are cheaper than LED lights but they need to be replaced frequently.

Electricity supply

Alien energy experts say, operating luminaries with recommended power supply can enhance the life of led, But if operated above the requirement it reduces the lifespan of led. LED light need a driver that assists in maximizing the power output and life durability. This also regulates the voltage of power. Thus, people are always suggested to buy high grade LED light with driver. And alien energy offers best led light with driver in India .

Ambient temperature

Location is the major factor that affects the lifespan of light. As per Best LED light manufacturer closed fitting can affect the driver of the led which reduces the lifespan of led. So, People are always advised to install led at open space that helps to dissipate heat and allow proper cooling.

Solid-state lighting

Major reason for the durability of led light is that they use solid state technology, now there is no requirement of any gas phase for making led. Unlikely halogen lights and fluorescent light which need gas. However, led needs only semiconductors to work efficiently. Therefore, led are more durable than other lights.

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