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Unlocking the Power of Solar Energy for

Commercial Rooftops in India

Are you ready to transform your commercial rooftop into a hub of renewable energy? Look no further! Alien Energy is here to revolutionize your energy consumption with our top-notch commercial solar panel installation services.

Why Go Solar for Your Commercial Rooftop?

Massive Savings

Slash your electricity bills by over 70%! With solar energy, say goodbye to hefty rates as high as ₹12, ₹14, or ₹16/unit. We offer a one-time installation cost, leading to long-term savings.

Environmentally Friendly

By harnessing solar power, you're not just saving money; you're also reducing your carbon footprint. Join the fight against global warming and air pollution while protecting our planet for future generations.

Meeting Obligations

Fulfill your Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPO) effortlessly by opting for solar panels on your commercial rooftops

Installation Requirements for Commercial Rooftops

At Alien Energy, we take care of all the commercial rooftop solar panel installation requirements right from the evaluation stage to installation.

Massive Savings

Slash your electricity bills by over 70%! With solar energy, say goodbye to hefty rates as high as ₹12, ₹14, or ₹16/unit. We offer a one-time installation cost, leading to long-term savings.

Type of Roof:

For an RCC roof, we provide elevated hot-dip galvanized steel mounting structures. For a metallic sheet roof, we use aluminum rail structures that are light, sturdy, and corrosion-resistant.

Slope, Direction, and Mounting Angle:

The ideal tilt angle for solar panel installation varies by region: 10° in South India, increasing to above 20° in North India. The installation spot should remain shadow-free between 9 AM to 4 PM.

Easy Access to the Rooftop:

Safe, direct access is necessary for carrying raw materials and regular maintenance.

How Does a

Commercial Rooftop System Work ?

A commercial solar system is a careful setup of many components. Each component plays a significant part in the conversion of solar energy into electricity to power commercial/industrial buildings.

System Components and Operation

Solar Panels: Installed on rooftops at the optimal angle.

    1. PV Cells: Absorb sunlight and convert it into DC current.
    2. Solar Inverter: Converts DC to AC current.
    3. Power Supply: Powers the commercial building

Net Metering

With net metering, a bi-directional net meter is required. During peak solar generation, excess power is exported to the DISCOM, reducing your electricity bill. During non-solar hours, power is imported.

Captive Consumption

For rooftops with limited space, all generated power is consumed within the building without the need for a bi-directional meter, known as behind-the-meter solar.

Why Alienenergy Solar ?

Expertise and Experience

  • Industry Leaders: With years of experience in the solar industry, Alien Energy is a trusted name in commercial solar installations.
  • Proven Track Record: We have successfully completed numerous commercial projects across India, helping businesses reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint.

Customized Solutions

  • Tailored to Your Needs: We design and implement solar solutions that cater to the unique requirements of your commercial building.
  • Versatile Installations: Whether your roof is an RCC terrace or a metallic sheet, we provide the best-suited mounting structures and solar systems.

Financial Benefits

  • Significant Savings: By switching to solar, you can save lakhs and crores of rupees every year on electricity bills.
  • Tax Incentives: Take advantage of income tax benefits through accelerated depreciation on the cost of your solar system.
  • Long-Term Investment: Solar panels are a lifelong investment, lasting more than 25 years with minimal maintenance costs.

Environmental Responsibility

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint: By adopting solar energy, you contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the environment.
  • Sustainable Future: Solar energy is a renewable and sustainable source of power, helping to combat global warming and reduce air pollution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The cost varies based on the size of the system and specific requirements. On average, it ranges from ₹40,000 to ₹60,000 per kW.

Installation timelines vary based on system size and complexity. Generally, it takes 2-4 weeks from initial consultation to final commissioning.


Solar systems require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning of panels and periodic inspections to ensure optimal performance are recommended.


Yes, various state and central government incentives, including subsidies and tax benefits, are available to promote solar energy adoption.


A 1 kW solar system typically requires about 100 sq. feet of rooftop space.