Down Lighters

NEW Range

Downlighters, also known as Recessed Lighting, are all-in-one lighting fixtures that are installed into the ceiling. Built to sit in level with the surface for a sleek look. All the electric wiring components are coveted and the bulb fatherly glows from the outer surface. Alienenergy typically has 3 kinds of downlighters – Moon Light, Concealed Light, and Concealed Tri-Color Light. They are all the best of the best and can increase the amount of light in your office, home, or wherever you want it. Highlight your artwork and open up spaces so that they look bigger and enhance your commercial and residential property.

Alienenergy moon light

Moon Light

The sphere shape of the product disperses the light equally everywhere in the room. Its high efficiency makes the irradiated objects appear gaudy.


Our Concealed Light system can be used anywhere from a shopping mall to hotels, hospitals to offices, pubs to commercial areas. This antiglare product saves electricity.
Alienenergy conseled


This Tri-Color Concealed Light allows you to switch between daylight, cool white, and warm white colour temperatures. It’s awesome for events and residences too.