LED Lamp

Alienenergy Indoor LED Lights are here to meet all your lighting needs. Our exclusive LED Inverter Bulb and LED Bulb demand low maintenance and deliver a vibrant glow for long hours. The series of ultimate products have no mercury, hence making them absolutely benign for family units and even public spaces. Additionally, the products have a high beam angle, which ensures better and glare-free light dispersion. Add life to your barbeque nights or rocking parties with these super-high-watt bulbs. These bulbs are thankfully shockproof and lightweight, and they fit easily into standard light sockets.

NEW Range

We provide high-resolution LED lamps to brighten your office and home instantly. We assist you in selecting the best LED products that are a perfect fit for your requirements. We have the most advanced engineering skills to blend technology and functionality to provide our clients with the best LED fitting solutions.


Tired of power cuts? Install our innovative LED Inverter Bulb, which consumes low power and drops nonstop lightning experience.

Energise your workplace, create the perfect ambience for your living area, and reduce heavy domestic bills with matchless LED Bulbs.