LED Light Manufacturing Company In Delhi-NCR, India

We are one of the fastest-growing LED manufacturing companies in Delhi. You can avail of our premium services in the comfort of your home.

Best LED Light Manufacturing Company in Delhi-NCR, India

We are one of the fastest-growing LED manufacturing companies in Delhi. You can avail of our premium services in the comfort of your home.

LED Lighting

We provide exhaustive LED lighting solutions focused on customer requirements and are worth an investment. We provide the light exactly matching your preference using minimum energy.

Alien OEM Services

We are manufacturing LED products for leader of LED lights in India like Ledvance, Xenin, Hansagreen and many more!!


We are the finest in creating IoT-enabled smart lighting solutions to empower you to manage your home or office lighting with your smartphone.

High Quality Design

We provide elegant and high-quality design LEDs that bring in style and make your most enjoyable space warm and friendly.

Smart LED Light

With our smart LED lights, you take your first move to home automation. Now, festivals will be complete fun when your light will dance to the rhythm of your music.

24 Hour Support

We have a passionate team to assist you through your installation and customization journey and help you discover our lighting experience.

Best LED Light Manufacturer in Delhi NCR, India

In a very short span, Alien Energy has captured the sector of renewable energy in Delhi. It has conquered the hearts of customers with a wide array of color and design choices. We value our customer’s reliability and we have always strived to deliver our best.
With a customer-centric approach, we engineer our products to achieve the highest customer contentment. We have revolutionized conventional lighting and replaced it with eco-friendly and durable alternatives. Equipped with sturdy and shockproof components, our LED products are the market leaders.
Our energy-efficient LED lights can reduce your electricity bills by almost 90% as compared to traditional incandescent lights. We build our LED lights to be anti-glare, which makes you feel cozy and comfortable. We offer a complete gamut of products from LED Deep COBs, LED light panels, COB Downlights, inverter bulbs, to anything you can think of.
Our strength lies in our innovative use of technology to craft our LED lights that are a perfect fit for your home or office and blend effortlessly into your décor. Our LED lights are immune to voltage fluctuations and can sustain the atrocities of adverse weather conditions when installed outdoors. Gift your home a stylish and welcoming atmosphere, with our elegant LED lights


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Alien Bulb

Our rechargeable inverter bulbs give you the best flicker-free experience and meet the highest eye safety standards to give you comfort.


COB lights have homogeneous luminosity with long operating life, and mitigate the impact of voltage fluctuations.


Our Backlit LED panels are lightweight and come with hassle-free installation. Knock out the complex wiring and hot spot worries with our innovative solutions.

Our Services

We offer a basket of services to our customers with advanced LED lighting solutions that are sustainable and cost-efficient making us one of the top players in the industry.

Indoor LED lights

We have the best collection of indoor LED lights that help you to create a perfectly soothing environment in your home. Aside from inviting looks, our LED lights are highly energy-efficient.

Industrial LED lights

We have the professional acumen required to manufacture and install industrial LED lights that are reliable, sturdy, and energy-efficient.

Commercial LED lights

We are the leading manufacturers of custom-designed Commercial LED lights to meet your lighting requirements and can withstand harsh environments.

Outdoor LED lights

By creating superior and smart outdoor LED lights, we have positioned ourselves as a trusted name in the market. Our products incentivize easy monitoring of your premises.

Why Alien Energy is the Best-LED Manufacturer in Delhi-NCR, India?

We offer technologically advanced, aesthetically appealing, and eye-catching LED lighting solutions for both commercial and residential uses. Compared to our contemporary LED manufacturers in Delhi, our LED lights produce considerably lower infrared emissions. Our products are designed to endure the roughest weather conditions.

Our unique designs are a benchmark for years to come. We provide end-to-end solutions starting from the inception of design to delivering the finest quality product. We take pride in our state-of-the-art craftsmanship and professional competence in creating flawless designs.

Our dexterous crew is oriented to cater to the best installation of LED lights in different spaces with utmost ease and perfection. It gives us immense happiness to bring a smile to your face when our dedication translates into elegant solutions.
We provide you with a comprehensive suite of services that save you a lot of valuable time and energy in matching the product specs to your needs. We offer a one-stop shop for all of your lighting project’s needs.

Our knowledgeable engineers analyze your requirements, come up with plans to optimize energy use, and make suggestions for improvements or decrements to your facilitate energy efficiency.

Choose us to rejuvenate your homes and offices with our LED lights that illuminate your space with vibrant energy.

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Saket Kumar
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From the start, everything is going smoothly according to the plan! No complaints and the personnel they send to do the work are professionals who take their time and ensure that I am satisfied with the work. Kudos to Alien energy solar company and its staff for keeping me abreast of any issues that might arise!
Deepak Chauhan
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The level of professionalism was fantastic and the process was simple and worry-free for us! Aliensolar energy was the most helpful sales representative I’ve ever worked with. They broke the process down to where we had zero questions. The installation was the BEST SOLAR ROOFTOP SYSTEM quick (2 hours). The complete experience from start to finish was amazing!
Sadhna Gautam
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Amazing team and products. I had been searching for solar for over a year and had quotes from no. of companies. Aliensolar energy was by far the best value and BEST SOLAR ROOFTOP SYSTEM. Not the cheapest, but the best price for premium panels
Dinesh Kumar Sharma
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We purchased our system 2 months ago from an alien solar energy company in Delhi and we love it. We haven't paid any electricity bill in 2 months. It's amazing how much we have saved with the help of Aliensolar. Customer Service is the fabulous best Solar energy company in India.
Varun Sharma
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The process was very smooth and easy. Technicians were punctual and professional. Good work No. 1 solar energy company in Delhi.
Deepak Sharma
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AlienSolar energy company in Delhi has completed our solar installation. The installers were extremely efficient and friendly during installation. They took the time to explain everything to me, with proper information. It now works very well and we are quite pleased. Thank you
Santoshi Rawat
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We were very impressed by the care and professionalism of the Alien solar energy company. The installation crew was particularly outstanding. They are the No 1 solar energy company in Delhi I must say the service you provided me was pivotal in making make my decision to choose a solar company with confidence. They are the best Solar energy company in Delhi.

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