One is for about general knowledge about LED lights

LED light is the most energy-efficient light. The full form of LED is a light-emitting diode. Earlier LED was used as an indicator in many electrical and electronic equipment. Nowadays white LED is used in the lighting industry on a large scale. LED has changed the era of the Lighting industry. We make LED bulbs, Tube Lights, Downlights, Street lights, Flood lights, emergency lights, and many other categories. We hardly see any kind of conventional lights like tungsten bulbs, Halogen, and Sodium Mercury vapors lamps worldwide. CFL (Compact Fluorescent lamp) is also energy-saving light, but not as efficient as LED. If we replace CFL with LED we can save 50% of energy without compromising the light output. In the case of Halogen and Sodium, we can save 80% of energy. One more added advantage of LED light is its life span. If we use good quality LED chips, Aluminum housing the life span of LED chips is 50,000 burning hours. We need to change the LED driver whose life span is 8000 hrs. at standard condition.

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