OEM LED Light Manufacturing
Company In Delhi, India

When it comes to LED lighting technology or products, there is nothing better than Alienenergy. It is a renowned OEM LED light manufacturers in Delhi. With over 30 years of experience in this field, we are committed to delivering the most proficient range of LED products such as High Bay lights, Bollards, Down Lights, and LED products including Tube Lights (Plastic & Aluminium), Panel Lights, Street Lights, Flood Lights, PL LED Lights, etc.


Meeting The Market Demands At A Fast Pace

Over the years, Alienenergy has improved its services and products to fulfil Indians needs and meet consumer expectations. With rich experience, Alienenergy today has LED lighting solutions for a wide range of well-designed lighting applications.

We have a vision of developing a consistent solutions platform around sustaining our environment with innovations and efficient lighting solutions. Our manufacturing expertise has helped us focus on durability elements, robustness, and innovations of lightning.

Employing Cutting-Edge Technology In Supply Chain

With the advancement of modern technology, we are providing not only energy-efficient products but eco-friendly ones too. We OEM manufacturers in India set global standards to develop quality products for every customer’s needs. We have inculcated these factors in all our working functions. Whether it is R&D or sales, we emphasise on providing the clients with an experience of elegance and intelligence with delight.

Serving To All The Leading Industries

With its durable, advanced, and energy-efficient features, many big brands like OSRAM, Jay Precesion, and Hansagreen choose Alienenergy. We are designed to meet global standards and class. We provide LED for offices, homes, industries, education & research institutes, retail spaces, road lighting, pharmaceutical, healthcare facilities, transport infrastructure, area lighting, and many more as a popular oem led lighting company in India.

Rejuvenate your space with a welcoming and stylish atmosphere with our elegant LED lights.

Why Should You Choose Alienenergy OEM?

We offer eye-catching, aesthetically appealing, and technologically advanced LED lighting solutions for both residential and commercial uses. Compared to our existing LED manufacturers, our LED lights produce significantly lower infrared emissions. Also, our products are made to sustain the roughest weather conditions.
Our groundbreaking designs are a benchmark and also offer end-to-end solutions, from the unique designs to delivering high quality products.
Our experienced team is focused on providing the best LED light installation in different places with utmost perfection and ease. It gives us great happiness to bring a smile when our commitment translates into a graceful solution.
We offer you an assortment of services that save your energy and a lot of time in matching the product specs to your requirements. We, an OEM manufacturing company in India, provide a one-stop solution for all of your lighting project needs.
Our qualified engineers analyse your needs, come up with working plans to optimise energy use, and make the right suggestions for decrement or improvements to your facility’s energy efficiency.

Our OEM Clients


Choose us to renovate your offices and homes with our LED lights that lighten up your space with positive energy.

FAQ - OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer

“Original Equipment Manufacturer” is the full form of OEM. It is usually manufacturers who resell products made by other companies under their own branding. So, Alienenergy is an OEM manufacturer in Delhi that is the OEM for some well-known vendors such as OSRAM, Jay Precesion, Hansagreen, and others. They take the manufacturer’s brand and component end products and brand them with their own logo.

Price is the key advantage provided by OEM products. Due to scale economies, OEM products vividly reduce the production cost. Another benefit is that you can use the high-quality components in your system. Meanwhile, OEM software is legal, so it is not always a cheaper option than retail ones.

OEM products are named with the auto-manufacturers’ logo and/or name. Also, they come in the auto manufacturer’s packaging. OEM products can be a consideration for many people because of their quality and specifications. OEM products are made to the auto manufacturers’ specifications and high-quality materials. So why not use quality?

After all, the OEM products are the same as those manufactured by the original producer. However, there are low-cost versions. The OEM product cost reflects its quality. These kinds of products are generally not only available in good quality but are durable too. OEM products can be used longer than aftermarket parts.

OEM products are made by the firm that first made the products for the auto manufacturer. OEM products are the same quality as originals because they are manufactured by the same manufacturer, even with the same specifications and the same materials. OEM products are distinctly different from aftermarket products.

Yes, you can! As OEM products offer low cost versions and also offer the same quality as the original, you can trust OEM products. However, we highly suggest that you always choose a trusted or licenced brand and manufacturer instead and save your hard-earned money.

No! Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) usually is defined as a firm whose products are used as components in another companies products, which then sell the ended product to users. However, the factory scenario is completely different from the OEM.