Research & Development

With emergence of new technologies , innovation and research is at heart of our company.  With its in house R&D center Alien Energy designs innovative led products, power supply’s, E-car Chargers , electric Pump, solar products , solar inverters ,BLDC FAN and many more.

Integrating Sphere
Surge Generator

Testing of Electronic Products

Product development takes time, creativity and resources . One of the  vital piece of the development process is product testing for quality, reliability and durability. You need to find out whether your product will do what it’s supposed to do – quality. You also need to learn whether it will do what it’s supposed to do over and over again, even when conditions are not ideal- that’s reliability and durability.

Testing is usually done during the development and manufacturing phases of product development. The outcome criteria are based on realistic expectations of customer use. The different types of testing that Alien performs are as follows: 

  • Functional Testing (Electrical Testing Voltage, Wattage, PF,THD)
  • Surge Testing (IEC 61000-4-5)
  • Vibration
  • IP Testing
  • EMI & EMC
  • Photometry Testing (IES LM 79)
  • High Voltage Testing (IEC 60060-3)
  • Electrical Insulation Testing
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Time Duration
  • Number of test cycles
  • Duration

We alien Group having very good experience in production of electronics products because as we have in-house facility of research and Development, IQC,OQC , Manual insertion, wave soldering, SMT(Surface-Mount Technology) Machine, transformer Winding Machine and many more. Some list of equipment as we have for Job work and production as below

R&D Lab


Quality Control Department