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Commercial Solar Power Plant

The continuous efforts taken by Govt of India in the renewable sector has triggered many vendors to come forward and start understanding and putting their best efforts to shape career and future with the SUN, the tremendous source of energy flowing continuously on the earth since its creation. The man has tried many ways to tap this energy either through heat or through reflection & diffraction from the universe. The entire source of energy coming to earth through atmosphere carries enough information.

In this technical and digital world everybody is busy in digitizing the whole process of communication but the solar energy market has its own significant growth after 2012 on the announcement by the Govt of India and setting to achieve 174 GW of renewable power by 2022

Implementation of Solar photovoltaic roof top system has emerged as the fastest growing sector with immense potential .This System has already made and achieved grid parity for commercial, industrial & residential consumers. The main focus to grill the solar project is on speed, skill and scale to drive reforms in solar renewable energy sector. As per the available statistics nearly 65% of the building stock in India, which will be required in 2030 is still in pipe line of construction. This will further extend commercial viability & avenues for solar roof top installation.

The Govt. ministry under renewable energy always support the development of Roof top projects through skill development programs, financial assistant & lucrative incentives /concessional finance for developers. All educational & Govt bodies / institutions get benefit from this clean, renewable energy source of electricity every day due to its potential to reduce energy cost ,strong incentives & tax benefits etc. Electricity generated from the other sources like oil, coal & natural gas fluctuate in cost as well as its availability from time to time but Renewable source always has credits in its investment.

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