Industrial solar plant - Alien Energy


Going green with a comprehensive and efficient solar PV roof top implementation process. In a self-owned business module it promotes investment in places where the grid is either absent or it is not reliable and abrupt. Small or medium scale industries still have an option to continue its production unit even with a grid failure , by investing & setting up a captive roof top business model with the intention of utilizing all the power generated by the system onsite. The deployment of this system has an advantage of using energy in deficient areas ie areas with lack of clean and efficient lighting source or where an alternate source of supply option is used such as diesel etc. The storage option in stand-alone/Hybrid PV Systems is high quality batteries and sizing of the system is higher than its optimal requirement. 

Industries where failure of Grid supply is minimal, Gross feeding model ie Grid connected roof top solar systems can be adopted in industries by feeding all the solar generated energy to grid and selling the generated energy either to the building owner or excess power may be sold by the industrial owner to the utility grid according to the power purchase agreement. The Gross feed model has an advantage of Annual Revenue return and tax benefit as per Govt policy and also allows investor / consumer to participate in the solar roof top programme & earn a minimum rate of return on the investment made by them . Basically this model has two revenue flow. Saving due to the avoided cost of power purchased from the grid and second to sale excess energy generated over and above the industrial consumption within a period of time.