Residential plant - Alien Energy


Mini Solar Power Plant on roof top of property owner is always a mission by the Govt of India to electrify every house hold in India and harnessing the power of the Sun. The common mode adopted is CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) model for solar deployment .The consumer purchase the solar system by making 100 % of the payment or financing the system often through the bank .It not only protects the environment but also leads to saving through electricity bills and experiencing energy efficient living .The size / capacity of installation significantly depending on availability of required space anywhere between 10 to 15 sq meter of area per kilowatt of installation depending on the inclination angle which is very close to the latitude of area / place & installation facing south for India .

Roof top Solar projects require substantial coordination of different agencies, viz Net metering regulation (regulatory commission),DISCOM ( net-metering & bill settlement ) , Ministry & state Nodal Agency (for release of subsidy ) , Banks( improvement /housing loan ) ,Urban local body ,rooftop owner( access to roof ), EPC Contractors /Developers/Aggregators ( Project operation & implementation ) in accelerating speed of implementation process . For maximum utilization and optimal operation of solar plant is dependent, amongst other factor, on periodically cleaning by water. Soiling of Solar Module reduces energy generation drastically and negatively impacts on project economic.