Our aim is to deliver the product  as fast as possible 

FAQ (frequently asked question)

What if My Order Gets Cancelled?

If an order get canceled or damaged while traveling, we will refund the whole amount to you.

Can I Return My Order?

No, once you receive a product you can’t return it to us.

Can I Cancel My Order?

Yes, you can cancel within 24 hours of order placement, Before the product has shipped. And your amount get back to you except shipping charges, within 72 hours.

How Long Does It Take An Order To Reach Us?

The exact time of the delivery depends on the location and availability of the products. So, generally, it takes 4 to 5 days for the order to be delivered. But except for some special products, the order may delay because of various of reasons.

What If I Get A Damaged Product?

Firstly, we encounter the quality of the product before processing the order. We assured all the products up to the international standards, then after we will dispatched to you. However in special cases due to mishandling, the products get damaged. But Don’t worry if you get a damaged product, then make a product video send to us at 9958286100 or email us [email protected] with the product image and item code number. And you have to send the product to our address, we will fix the issue of the product. The exchange will be made only when the product can’t fix.

What If I Do Not Like The Product?

Alien Energy Pvt ltd ensure that all the delivered product looks same as on the website. We do not offer any exchange or return policy. Before placing an order, check your interest. For more information contact us on 9958286100

Terms And Conditions Of The Shipping And Exchange.

  1.  Delivery and other charges are not refundable.
  2. The product will not be returned/exchanged unless the product is not in working condition.
  3. Exchange/Return will be made only against a valid receipt of the product.
  4. Warranty claim is only when you have a valid invoice of the product given by us.
  5. All the transaction disputes against the order are settled in the 72 hours of the working days
  6. Replacement will be made only when the product is available on our website
  7. The product must be in original condition
  8. The brand package should be there
  9. If we disputed it will be settled only in the judiciary of Delhi