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1. We are now able to enjoy and do parties. The fact that we can use it most of the electricity is really good. This is the best investment we’ve ever made.

Ajay Kumar, Gurgaon

The install was very smooth by Alien Energy Pvt Ltd.. We didn’t notice workers making any kind of nuisance. When you have a roof and it’s not being used then you might as well make the most of it. Install Solar Power Plant and make your own electricity.

D.S Shekhawat , Jaipur

The Service provided by Alien Energy Pvt Ltd. has been really good and excellent. They carried out the installation in a very professional way and the project was handled to us in time.

B. Aggarwal, Chandigarh

We installed 20 Kwp Solar System and we were very happy with their installation. It was very clean and tidy. We are now producing green energy and utilizing it. Our electricity bills have been cut and we have saved almost 90% of our electricity bill.


The whole experience has been trouble-free and very user-friendly from Alien Energy Pvt Ltd. Overall I am very pleased with the service, installation, and performance of the Solar Power Plant. We are now producing our own electricity and with their O&M we are able to maximize the production ”

Monisha Chaudhary, Noida