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A Complete Guide To Best Solar Company In Faridabad

Population boom and advancing technology are contributing to the world’s soaring energy requirements. By 2050, we are expected to meet up to 20-25% of our energy consumption through solar energy thereby reducing carbon emissions by remarkable 6 billion tons. That’s why there is a steep rise in demand for solar energy in recent times.
To save you up on time and resources in doing research, we have come up with the most affordable and efficient Solar Energy Company in India

Why Choose us as the best solar energy company in faridabad?

With conventional power supply becoming more of a luxury these days; more people are looking for pocket-friendly power alternatives. Solar Power, is a free, renewable, and clean source of energy. We, the Alien Group of Services are a leading solar power company providing hassle-free services and value-for-money products. The key benefits you derive in associating with our services are-

To save you up on time and resources in doing research, we have come up with the most affordable and efficient Solar energy company in Faridabad.

Modern Customized Solutions

Our breakthrough technologies help us to design modern customized solutions for providing the finest solar products. From rooftop solar plants to LED street lights, to Solar pumps, to Solar AC/DC distribution boxes to portable solar power systems, we cover everything you need. We provide the best ecological products in the solar sector to provide affordable and effective solutions.

Modern Monitoring System

We have a modern monitoring system in place that meets the highest standard of quality. We offer a high-end digital experience to our customers with a remote monitoring facility. Our dedicated and customer-friendly support team offers special tools customized to serve the individual needs of our clients.

Best Quality and Price Assured

We rank the No. 1 brand that offers the best quality and price assured. The expertise that we have earned in successfully completing over 500+ projects in 26 states across India for apex government and private institutions. With a robust patented design, our solar panels are globally acclaimed and renowned.

lifetime support

What makes us stand out is our lifetime support and our prompt after-sales service. We believe fostering relations is more valuable than building new relations. We attend to our clients with the same warmth throughout the life cycle of the solar products that we install.

With the cost of raw materials rising either due to rising taxes or transportation costs, sustaining the prices of solar panel have never been so challenging. In India, we have witnessed an almost 50% increase in the prices of solar panels. A number of factors influence the cost of solar panels- installation type, equipment type, roof type, energy consumption, weather conditions, interconnection cost, and equipment cost (including the cost of raw materials). 

Three basic components make up the final cost of solar panel hardware, soft costs, and marketing and sales. Hardware includes the solar panel, inverter, battery, and mounting system affects almost 25% of the final cost. The soft costs include labor charges, permits, warranties, taxes and transaction costs, etc, and makeup 55% of the total cost. Rest 20% is spent on creating public awareness about the perquisites of making a transitional shift to solar energy.

With the government adopting solar energy-friendly policies, attractive subsidies, and cutting-edge technologies, the cost of solar energy is witnessing a drop in prices. If paying a small premium can save our globe from high carbon emissions, it is worth an investment. Solar power offers a potential threat to high-cost energy sources like thermal power, which is a limited non-renewable energy source. Solar power is limitless only challenge is to combat the installation cost, which can be mitigated with the use of efficient technology.

Alien Group of Companies, the brainchild of IIT Roorkee is a pool of intellectual brains from the best professionals across the globe and senior retired dignitaries from reputed organizations. With the implementation of world-class technology, the prices we offer are as good as wholesale prices. We take great pride that our innovation and strategic implantation of resources make us the most economical solar installation company in Faridabad.

How To Choose The Right Solar Energy In Faridabad?

A Rooftop Solar Power plant or rooftop PV is a photovoltaic (PV) system in which solar panels are rooftop mounted instead of a ground-mounted power station be it a residential or a commercial structure. If you are looking for a rooftop solar plant in Faridabad, try exploring Alien Group of Services once.

Our Solar panel installation services are an asset to your family. We provide top-notch quality services to suit your customized load requirements.

Our on-grid solar rooftop system is a popular choice for both household and commercial power utilization, in which the components are connected to the grid.

Our on-grid solar rooftop system is a popular choice for both household and commercial power utilization, in which the components are connected to the grid.

We also deal in solar LED street lights that consist of a Lithium-ion/Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery pack providing uninterrupted bright light from dusk to dawn.

Our Solar submersible pump is a green initiative in water lifting systems as it does not require grid electricity and heavily cuts down harmful carbon emissions.

We also offer lightweight and easy-to-install AC/DC distribution box have changed the face of conventional wiring.

Our portable solar power system kits are highly cost and energy-efficient customized systems available in a variety of size options.
With a plethora of solar products, Alien Group of Services is the one-stop shop for all your solar needs.

Services Offered By The Best Solar Panel Companies

Take your first step in building an eco-friendly world with our affordable, and unique designs, and innovative solar energy solutions in Faridabad.

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Faridabad

We enjoy distinct recognition as the top-notch building rooftop solar panel installation in Faridabad, all credits to our dedicated team of engineers who have mastered the art of customizing our products to cater to client’s needs in the best possible way.

Layman Concept Design

Our mastermind engineers use their artisanship and expertise to design the best layman concept design for your solar project. We prepare 3D designs for our solar projects using the most modern applications and tools and keep the layouts simple for our clients to visualize.

Solar Panel for Home in Faridabad

In addition to the eccentric solar panel designs that are a complete visual pleasure, you can save almost 90% of your power expenses by shifting to economical and green power options. Our zero tolerance for safety negligence, high expertise, and excellent services make us the best solar panel for home in Faridabad.

Faridabad solar installer and EPC

Solar power is the coolest way to create energy. We are a premium solar power company and enjoy a distinct reputation in Faridabad solar installer and EPC business. We owe our popularity to our customers who loved our products and relish our customized services. Our experts are best at providing a one-stop solution for EPC solutions

Commercial Solar Panel Services in Faridabad

It gives immense joy to share that we provide commercial solar panel services in Faridabad as competently as residential services. We have been part of the success stories of multiple solar panel projects of international fame. Being flawless every time has not been easy but we have grown with every project imbibing our learnings through our journey.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

We provide non-toxic and eco-friendly solutions for solar electric systems be it rooftop solar panels or solar LED street lights. One of the biggest boons of solar electric solutions is that no fossil fuel is used to generate electricity. Therefore, switching to solar panels reduces your carbon footprint and saves the environment.

How To Choose The Right Roof Top Solar Power Plant In Faridabad?

With Alien Energy Solar, you get an exceptional energy-efficient experience saving the environment from harmful emissions.

24*7 support

We provide the most client-friendly 24*7 support and are always ready to respond to and resolve your grievances on priority.

High Return on Investment

Our premium solar products give a high return on investment and a considerably low payback period.

Absolute Modern Designs

Our absolute modern designs are capable of embracing intense weather conditions.

Environment Friendly

We designed our solar products to be environment friendly and meet the highest standards.

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Reduce your electricity cost by up to 50% with rooftop solar!

Solar Projects Done By us​

We have completed over 500+ across 26+ States over PAN- India. Our expertise in prodigy customized solar solutions makes us the best and most capable of fulfilling our client’s energy needs.

50 kW at Reserve Bank of India, Hauz Khas,Delhi

1.25MW at Atal Akshay Urja Bhawan, Delhi

1.5 MW Under IPGCL Subsidy Scheme ​

1.5 MW Under IPGCL Subsidy Scheme ​

850 kW at Hamdard Lab, Ghaziabad

 850 kW at Hamdard Lab, Ghaziabad

600 kW at BBMB, Haryana

1.25MW at Atal Akshay Urja Bhawan, Delhi

500 kW Under SECI Subsidy Scheme Across PAN India ​

1.25MW at Atal Akshay Urja Bhawan, Delhi

500 kW at PPCL Power Plant, Bawana

500 kW at PPCL Power Plant, Bawana

425 kW at 57 NDMC Schools, Delhi

425 kW at 57 NDMC Schools, Delhi

300 kW at HMEL Town Ship, Bhatinda

300 kW at HMEL Town Ship, Bhatinda

130 kW at Ram Lal Anand College, Delhi

130 kW at Ram Lal Anand College, Delhi

50 kW at Jain Charitable Hospital, Delhi

50 kW at Jain Charitable Hospital, Delhi

50 kW at Jain Charitable Hospital, Delhi

50 kW at Reserve Bank of India, Hauz Khas,Delhi

50 kW at Jain Charitable Hospital, Delhi

50 kW at Jain Charitable Hospital, Delhi

Our Products

Solar Tree

Solar Water Pumping System

Solar Latarn

In house DCDB & ACDB

Zero investment from customer

No Techno-financial risk for customer

Guaranteed Savings for every unit purchased

End-to-End service delivery

Awards by Ministry of Power

We Achieved Award by Ministry of power


Featured Solar Projects

Alien Energy collaborates with a variety of government and corporate groups to ensure the success of solar projects.

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What Are The Benefits Of Going With Alien Energy Solar?

With industrial development calling for rising energy demands, we have to learn to strike a balance between operational effectiveness and long-term development.  To realize the dream of making India Green into a reality, together we have to take the initiative to switch to environment-friendly and energy-efficient resources. 
You can avail of government subsidy up to 30% of the installation cost for rooftop PV systems limited to some states, whereas up to 70% of installation costs in special category states.
Solar power is the roadmap to energy independence. It helps you to cut down your reliance on depleting natural resources and save nature. Solar power has a long way to go as it can reduce your electricity bills by up to 90% every month.
The payback period of solar power solutions is as low as 4 years, which makes it the best low-risk venture. You can also cut down your bills by shifting to green energy options.

Why Go with Alien Energy Solar Solutions?

Alien Energy Solar Solutions is your one-stop solution to cater to all your solar energy requirements with simple finance alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our technical proficiency and innovative designs make us the leading solar solution provider across India. We are unbeatable at meeting deadlines. Our solar journey so far is rich with multiple historic achievements. 
Approximately 10 – 12 sq. meters of shadow-free area, (preferably facing south) is required to set up a 1 KWp (kilowatt peak) grid rooftop system. The rooftop must have sufficient load-bearing capacity.

The three major challenges with solar energy are-


  • High cost of setting up solar panels.
  • The efficiency of a solar system depends largely on the weather.
  • Storage solutions for solar energy are highly expensive.
Solar Cells and PV panels require regular cleaning and maintenance for optimum efficiency. All thermal parts require periodic overhauling due to their exposure to high temperatures and intense weather conditions. 
No. The PV cells are unable to generate electricity without sunlight. They need a direct or indirect form of sunlight to provide uninterrupted electricity. You can seek storage solutions to overcome this problem.
  • You can reduce your dependence on electric companies.
  • Save huge costs along with contributing to a green environment.
  • You can avail of government subsidies and tax credits under its green initiative
Solar energy is gaining momentum in Haryana and Faridabad is no exception. Awareness is increasing among people to switch to resources that are friendly to the environment and safe for their future generations.
There are more than 150 solar energy solution providers along with 55 battery shops and 110 electric shops selling solar products. Visit the Alien Energy Solar website to know about the wide spectrum of solar products. 
Alien Energy Solar is the leader in providing energy-efficient solutions. Its vast exposure in dealing with high-level projects has garnered praise all over India. Its distinguished modern designs and excellent customer services create masterpieces.
Certainly Yes. Solar panels generate 30% to 50% of their maximum output during cloudy weather and 10% to 20% of their maximum output during heavy rains.
Of course, it can. In India, the majority of the time we face hot and sunny weather conditions. Our weather is ideal for deriving optimum benefits from solar power.
Yes, with the prices of electricity skyrocketing, looking for viable alternatives is more compulsion than a choice. If you can manage installation costs, you can easily achieve a breakeven point in just 4 – 5 years.
Don’t worry. Solar panels have an in-built feature of automatically connecting to the grid electricity in case of a system failure. You will not face any interruption in electric supply.
Studies have proved that solar power enhances the value of your property if owned and not leased. In many parts of the country, houses with installed solar systems are being sold at an attractive premium.


Saket Kumar
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From the start, everything is going smoothly according to the plan! No complaints and the personnel they send to do the work are professionals who take their time and ensure that I am satisfied with the work. Kudos to Alien energy solar company and its staff for keeping me abreast of any issues that might arise!
Deepak Chauhan
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The level of professionalism was fantastic and the process was simple and worry-free for us! Aliensolar energy was the most helpful sales representative I’ve ever worked with. They broke the process down to where we had zero questions. The installation was the BEST SOLAR ROOFTOP SYSTEM quick (2 hours). The complete experience from start to finish was amazing!
Sadhna Gautam
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Amazing team and products. I had been searching for solar for over a year and had quotes from no. of companies. Aliensolar energy was by far the best value and BEST SOLAR ROOFTOP SYSTEM. Not the cheapest, but the best price for premium panels
Dinesh Kumar Sharma
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We purchased our system 2 months ago from an alien solar energy company in Delhi and we love it. We haven't paid any electricity bill in 2 months. It's amazing how much we have saved with the help of Aliensolar. Customer Service is the fabulous best Solar energy company in India.
Varun Sharma
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The process was very smooth and easy. Technicians were punctual and professional. Good work No. 1 solar energy company in Delhi.
Deepak Sharma
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AlienSolar energy company in Delhi has completed our solar installation. The installers were extremely efficient and friendly during installation. They took the time to explain everything to me, with proper information. It now works very well and we are quite pleased. Thank you
Santoshi Rawat
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We were very impressed by the care and professionalism of the Alien solar energy company. The installation crew was particularly outstanding. They are the No 1 solar energy company in Delhi I must say the service you provided me was pivotal in making make my decision to choose a solar company with confidence. They are the best Solar energy company in Delhi.

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