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Solar Energy Company in India

Reduce your Electricity Bill. Go for solar Energy and reduce your bills and save upto 90 %.

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    Best Solar Energy Company In India

    Alienenergysolar is a part of the Alien Group of Companies; we design and install energy-saving projects for the industrial and commercial sectors. We are one of the top solar product companies and providers of intelligent solar energy solutions and helping to shape the solar revolution. We provide world-class and affordable solar energy products in even the most remote regions, making solar energy affordable and accessible to everybody. Our experts assist you in achieving long-term cost savings. It serves as your complete energy partner with offerings addressing both supply and demand sides. Our services will address both supply and demand sides and help you as your exclusive energy partner.

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    Reduce your electricity cost by up to 50% with rooftop solar!
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    How Does Installation Process Work?

    At Alien Energy Pvt Ltd, we are dedicated to transforming and revolutionizing the rooftop solar industry in India, owing to advancements in technology, component quality, and variances in material and installation prices. We have emerged as one of the most sustainable and dependable solar power generating models in the solar rooftop industry with all of these modifications.

    Step 1


    Just contact us by Phone or Email with an inquiry. We are happy to help you.

    Step 2

    Site inspection

    Our team will review and inspect your site free of cost.

    Step 3


    We will share with you a brief proposal as per your requirement.

    Step 4


    After understanding your requirements we will build a plan and will take approval from you.


    Step 5


    The final plan then will be executed and installed.

    Step 6


    The solar projects need low maintenance, we will be happy to provide maintenances on time.

    Alien Solar is committed to contributing to national and global solar transition goals. We are India’s leading solar module provider and have advanced the solar industry by producing high-efficiency modules and complete electronic procurement construction solutions. As you embark on your solar journey with us, you will turn your global footprint and contribute to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.

    With extensive experience with rooftop projects for government and private entities in the utility, health, education, industry, and consumer sectors and an impressive portfolio of advanced technology modules, we are advancing in the creation of a climate for change.

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    Reduce your electricity cost by up to 50% with rooftop solar!
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    Benefits of Solar Panel company In India

    Zero Energy Production Costs

    Solar energy does not require any other power source to function; therefore, its maintenance and energy production expenses are almost zero. The only costs involved with solar energy utilization are the components' manufacturing and installation. This implies that there are no further expenses connected with its use despite the high initial expenditure, allowing the installation to be swiftly repaid.

    Save Electricity Bills

    Solar plants are a renewable source of energy that is not subject to market fluctuations. It necessitates a considerable initial expenditure, which is mitigated by a quick amortization of the investment. Most significantly, it is an infinite and continuous energy source with no further maintenance or consumption expenditures.

    Use Existing Space

    Solar projects often need a considerable quantity of land to install panels and other equipment. Solar panel installations on a building's roof are accomplished by leveraging the current space available on the roof, reducing the need to purchase more land. Furthermore, the panels protect the roof of the building or industrial shed where they are installed.

    Low Maintenance

    As it does not require moving components or fuel, the solar model has very low yearly maintenance and recurrent expenditures. In the case of off-grid installations, the system requires maintenance annual module and battery replacement every 3-5 years.

    Solar Projects Done By us​

    We have completed over 500+ across 26+ States over PAN- India. Our expertise in prodigy customized solar solutions makes us the best and most capable of fulfilling our client’s energy needs.

    Find Your Solar Solution With Aliensolar

    With a thorough understanding of the energy transition and power systems, we can assist our customers in determining the best and most effective path to 100 percent renewable energy while balancing and future-proofing their power systems as required by future flexible grids.

    Zero Cost EMI

    In House R&D

    Guaranteed Savings

    Generation Guarantee

    No Technical or Financial Risk

    Minimum Space Usage

    Iot – Based Remote Monitoring

    Minimum Project Cost

    Hassle-free Maintenance

    Why Alien Solar?

    Excellent performance Under Extreme Conditions

    High salt mist & ammonia resistance

    Zero Cost EMI

    Get Zero cost EMI services

    Reliable quality Products

    Without potential induced Degradation (PID-free)

    High module efficiency

    Module Efficiency

    Strong Compressive Strength

    We are certified to the high wind of 2400 Pa and snow loads of 5400 Pa

    Positive tolerance

    Guaranteed tolerance + 3% Reliable power output

    Fire test approved

    Approved Application Class A, Fire Rating C, Safety Class II

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    Is Your Business Ready For Renewable Solar Power?

    Solar Energy Storage Options Best Suited For Small and Large Business. Save money with renewable solar power, cheaper than electricity from the grid. Let us help you and your business switch to solar energy and drastically reduce your utility bills. Switch to solar now!

    Awards by Ministry of Power

    We Achieved Award by Ministry of power

    pranat certificate
    Industrial Sector
    pranat awards
    Street light Sector

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    Saket Kumar
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    From the start, everything is going smoothly according to the plan! No complaints and the personnel they send to do the work are professionals who take their time and ensure that I am satisfied with the work. Kudos to Alien energy solar company and its staff for keeping me abreast of any issues that might arise!
    Deepak Chauhan
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    The level of professionalism was fantastic and the process was simple and worry-free for us! Aliensolar energy was the most helpful sales representative I’ve ever worked with. They broke the process down to where we had zero questions. The installation was the BEST SOLAR ROOFTOP SYSTEM quick (2 hours). The complete experience from start to finish was amazing!
    Sadhna Gautam
    Read More
    Amazing team and products. I had been searching for solar for over a year and had quotes from no. of companies. Aliensolar energy was by far the best value and BEST SOLAR ROOFTOP SYSTEM. Not the cheapest, but the best price for premium panels
    Dinesh Kumar Sharma
    Read More
    We purchased our system 2 months ago from an alien solar energy company in Delhi and we love it. We haven't paid any electricity bill in 2 months. It's amazing how much we have saved with the help of Aliensolar. Customer Service is the fabulous best Solar energy company in India.
    Varun Sharma
    Read More
    The process was very smooth and easy. Technicians were punctual and professional. Good work No. 1 solar energy company in Delhi.
    Deepak Sharma
    Read More
    AlienSolar energy company in Delhi has completed our solar installation. The installers were extremely efficient and friendly during installation. They took the time to explain everything to me, with proper information. It now works very well and we are quite pleased. Thank you
    Santoshi Rawat
    Read More
    We were very impressed by the care and professionalism of the Alien solar energy company. The installation crew was particularly outstanding. They are the No 1 solar energy company in Delhi I must say the service you provided me was pivotal in making make my decision to choose a solar company with confidence. They are the best Solar energy company in Delhi.
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