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Alien Energy Solar is the leading solar power company in Gurugram, which not only help you gratify your energy needs, but also bring you to the wonderland of affordable solar energy. We are a part of the renowned Alien Group of Companies, and we are here to deliver the best solar energy solutions you can get.

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    Leading Solar Installation Company in Gurugram

    When you choose Alien Energy Solar, you pick the most alleviated route to the solar energy. Apart from the actual technical installation work, we will also assist you with all the spinoffs of switching to the solar power. We, at Alien Energy Solar will help you with estimating your energy consumption, that will determine the size of the solar panel required. From our wide range of solar products, you can get the best cost saving services suiting your energy requirements and resources. From site inspections to installations of panels and converters, Alien Energy Solar is here to help with all the bits and steps of the installation procedures.

      Our team of experts are here to make your solar energy installation cost effective in the long run. We are authentic, reliable, affordable, and above all we are experienced. We have carried out more than 500 projects across India, our long list of content clients includes Radisson Blu, PARLE, Asian Paints, Amrapali Group, Royal Garden and UFLEX. You can also contribute to make this planet greener and liveable with our help, and it goes without saying that it is not only the planet which you are saving but also the costs. With zero energy production cost and saving of electricity bills, our low maintenance solar panels will take you to the greener, healthier and prosperous future.

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    Rooftop Solar Power Plant in Gurugram

    Rooftop Solar energy is rapidly growing in India, making it one of the most popular renewable energy resources. Solar panels are installed over the rooftop of the buildings, to trap the solar energy emitting from the sun’s heat, turning it into the electricity for consumption. Our overhead solar panels are helping hundreds of clients with saving their electricity bills, and are also ideal for the Indian climate. Our solar products do not bring any health hazard either, as they don’t emit any greenhouse gasses.

    Solar LED Street light

    Solar LED street lights by Alien Energy Solar are here for the commercial and residential outdoors, providing the well illuminated outsides. We also make Solar Submersible Pump which is ideal for vibrant uses including but not limited to the agricultural irrigation. Portable Solar Power system by us is a product of multiple uses, making it our start product, as its portability makes it cost effective.

    ON Grid Solar Rooftop System

    Our on-grid solar rooftop systems are inexpensive and will make your life easier by providing you the energy surplus, while our off-grid solar rooftop system is here to deal with the power outages, they harness the solar energy in day, to be used during the night.

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    Why choose us?

    Why should you choose Alien Energy Solar from the plethora of Solar installation companies in the market? Among all other factors vouching for us, our long list of satisfied clients tops the list. We, at Alien Energy Social would be pleasured to add your name in our inventory of more than 500 content clients. Our wide range of solar products is indeed an attraction, but what makes us the best solar company in Gurugram is our disposition and sheer will to make the best even better. Hence, here we are with modern customized solutions, providing you the customized solutions as per your budget and energy needs. Our work bear witness to our efficiency, and to measure the efficiency of your solar panel, we offer the excellent modern monitoring system, to measure the solar panel efficiency and energy production of your solar array. They can even help you pinpoint particular problem areas in your system should they arise. But would the problems arise often? Absolutely not. Because we are here to deliver the high-end quality products at the most affordable price. All of this was enough to make us the best solar energy company in Gurugram, but we chose to take few more steps to enhance the customer satisfaction, and that is why our package of perfection also includes Lifetime customer support! Along with all the quality and cost efficiency, our extraordinary customer support makes Alien Energy Solar the intelligent choice for everyone.

    Featured Solar Projects

    Alien Energy collaborates with a variety of government and corporate groups to ensure the success of solar projects.

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    Reduce your electricity cost by up to 50% with rooftop solar!
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    Reduce your electricity cost by up to 50% with rooftop solar!
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    Saket Kumar
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    From the start, everything is going smoothly according to the plan! No complaints and the personnel they send to do the work are professionals who take their time and ensure that I am satisfied with the work. Kudos to Alien energy solar company and its staff for keeping me abreast of any issues that might arise!
    Deepak Chauhan
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    The level of professionalism was fantastic and the process was simple and worry-free for us! Aliensolar energy was the most helpful sales representative I’ve ever worked with. They broke the process down to where we had zero questions. The installation was the BEST SOLAR ROOFTOP SYSTEM quick (2 hours). The complete experience from start to finish was amazing!
    Sadhna Gautam
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    Amazing team and products. I had been searching for solar for over a year and had quotes from no. of companies. Aliensolar energy was by far the best value and BEST SOLAR ROOFTOP SYSTEM. Not the cheapest, but the best price for premium panels
    Dinesh Kumar Sharma
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    We purchased our system 2 months ago from an alien solar energy company in Delhi and we love it. We haven't paid any electricity bill in 2 months. It's amazing how much we have saved with the help of Aliensolar. Customer Service is the fabulous best Solar energy company in India.
    Varun Sharma
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    The process was very smooth and easy. Technicians were punctual and professional. Good work No. 1 solar energy company in Delhi.
    Deepak Sharma
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    AlienSolar energy company in Delhi has completed our solar installation. The installers were extremely efficient and friendly during installation. They took the time to explain everything to me, with proper information. It now works very well and we are quite pleased. Thank you
    Santoshi Rawat
    Read More
    We were very impressed by the care and professionalism of the Alien solar energy company. The installation crew was particularly outstanding. They are the No 1 solar energy company in Delhi I must say the service you provided me was pivotal in making make my decision to choose a solar company with confidence. They are the best Solar energy company in Delhi.
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