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Reduce your Electricity Bill. Go for solar energy and reduce your bills and save upto 90 %.

Best Solar Rooftop Company In Delhi

We, Alien Energy, are considered one of the leading solar energy companies in Delhi, providing solar equipment as well as installation services for home and commercial applications. We aim to deliver creative one-stop energy-saving solutions. We can provide customized solar solutions to our clients and provide solar energy consultation services in Delhi. Thanks to our team of trained experts and technicians, who ensures client-centric services and successful rooftop solar installation services in Delhi. We organize solar awareness campaigns to encourage people to utilize solar energy to help save the environment.

So, if you are looking for professionals in Solar energy consultants and renewable energy companies in Delhi, we are offering unique solar solutions to residential areas, industrial organizations, commercial buildings, Schools, Hospitals, Government units, start-ups, and so on. Indeed, we have dedicated professionals that provide tailored solar energy solutions in Delhi while keeping the environment’s safety and security in mind.

Benefit of Solar Rooftop Company In Delhi

Solar Energy Storage Options Best Suited For Small and Large Business. Save money with renewable solar power, cheaper than electricity from the grid. Let us help you and your business switch to solar energy and drastically reduce your utility bills. Switch to solar now!

To save you up on time and resources in doing research, we have come up with the most affordable and efficient Solar energy company in Faridabad.

Maximum savings and a High ROI

The cost of producing energy, whether from water or another source, is expensive. To create and supply power, you must set up a massive plant system and wire panels. Sun rays, on the other hand, are available in an infinite supply. You save a lot of money by employing solar energy sources, not only for the now but also for the future. After you've restored excess electricity, you may sell the unused energy to get extra money. Invest for 3-4 years, then save for the next 25 years.


Solar panels are long-lasting items with a guarantee of over 25 years. In summary, they will continue to operate effectively for the next 20 years. After then, their efficiency may drop by up to 80% over the next 25 years. Solar panels are one of the most cost-effective energy sources. All solar panel components are built to combat natural calamities such as debris, hailstorms, high winds, and so on. In brief, top solar company in delhi Solar Energy Panels are strong and efficient enough to withstand extreme temperatures and weather.

Environment Protection

Solar energy is one of the safe and clean energy sources that contribute to a healthy and environmentally friendly environment. Solar panels and associated equipment utilize solar energy, which is pure energy that emits no damaging greenhouse gases. Solar energy does not pollute the water, air, or anything else. It also does not use any fossil fuels. Solar panels use less water to maintain the solar system, making it totally eco-friendly. For a safe atmosphere, install Best solar company in delhi

Tax Advantages

One of the most significant advantages is the government's subsidies or tax breaks. Yes, the government promotes the usage of solar energy for business and household uses. In summary, you save money not only on the installation of the solar panel system but also on the ongoing operating costs. Solar energy sources may be expensive at first, but they will undoubtedly save money in the long run. As you contribute to the environment, the government offers various incentives.

Why Alienenergy solar company in delhi

Choosing us as a Solar Partner or  Top solar energy company in Delhi would increase overall productivity while minimizing problems. Some of the elements selecting Us:

Before showing solar solutions anywhere, Alien Energy conducts a survey, sends quotations, and completes the assignment within a defined framework and timetable. Our goal is to make the best use of solar energy while also contributing to the growth of the nation. Call us for High (ROI) Solar Energy solutions in Delhi.

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Reduce your electricity cost by up to 90% with rooftop solar In Delhi!

Featured Solar Projects

Alien Energy collaborates with a variety of government and corporate groups to ensure the success of solar projects.

Zero investment from customer

No Techno-financial risk for customer

Guaranteed Savings for every unit purchased

End-to-End service delivery

Solar Projects Done By us​

We have completed over 500+ across 26+ States over PAN- India. Our expertise in prodigy customized solar solutions makes us the best and most capable of fulfilling our client’s energy needs.

50 kW at Reserve Bank of India, Hauz Khas,Delhi

1.25MW at Atal Akshay Urja Bhawan, Delhi

1.5 MW Under IPGCL Subsidy Scheme ​

1.5 MW Under IPGCL Subsidy Scheme ​

850 kW at Hamdard Lab, Ghaziabad

 850 kW at Hamdard Lab, Ghaziabad

600 kW at BBMB, Haryana

1.25MW at Atal Akshay Urja Bhawan, Delhi

500 kW Under SECI Subsidy Scheme Across PAN India ​

1.25MW at Atal Akshay Urja Bhawan, Delhi

500 kW at PPCL Power Plant, Bawana

500 kW at PPCL Power Plant, Bawana

425 kW at 57 NDMC Schools, Delhi

425 kW at 57 NDMC Schools, Delhi

300 kW at HMEL Town Ship, Bhatinda

300 kW at HMEL Town Ship, Bhatinda

130 kW at Ram Lal Anand College, Delhi

130 kW at Ram Lal Anand College, Delhi

50 kW at Jain Charitable Hospital, Delhi

50 kW at Jain Charitable Hospital, Delhi

50 kW at Jain Charitable Hospital, Delhi

50 kW at Reserve Bank of India, Hauz Khas,Delhi

50 kW at Jain Charitable Hospital, Delhi

50 kW at Jain Charitable Hospital, Delhi

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In house DCDB & ACDB

Awards by Ministry of Power

We Achieved Award by Ministry of power

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Of course Yes, Solar energy is successful in Delhi. Delhi leads India’s solar revolution and has set solar generating objectives.

Yes, 30% upfront subsidy is given through IPGCL for residential, institutional, and social sector users in Delhi.

The answer is YES. An AC would require 1 to 2 units of power per hour, depending on the tonnage of the AC and the heat load in a room. 1 kW Solar PV Panel would generate around 5-7 units per day, which could be used in 4-5 hours of continuous air conditioner operation.

Yes, without a doubt. Solar panels generate 30% – 50% of their optimal generation during overcast weather and 10% – 20% of their optimum output during heavy rain.

The cost of solar energy installation varies by location. Solar professionals will come to your home or workplace to assess your needs and provide you with a price.

No, solar panels do not function at night. However, batteries may be used to store extra power generated during the day for usage at night when your solar panels are not operating. You may also go with a solar on-grid system that includes net metering.


Saket Kumar
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From the start, everything is going smoothly according to the plan! No complaints and the personnel they send to do the work are professionals who take their time and ensure that I am satisfied with the work. Kudos to Alien energy solar company and its staff for keeping me abreast of any issues that might arise!
Deepak Chauhan
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The level of professionalism was fantastic and the process was simple and worry-free for us! Aliensolar energy was the most helpful sales representative I’ve ever worked with. They broke the process down to where we had zero questions. The installation was the BEST SOLAR ROOFTOP SYSTEM quick (2 hours). The complete experience from start to finish was amazing!
Sadhna Gautam
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Amazing team and products. I had been searching for solar for over a year and had quotes from no. of companies. Aliensolar energy was by far the best value and BEST SOLAR ROOFTOP SYSTEM. Not the cheapest, but the best price for premium panels
Dinesh Kumar Sharma
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We purchased our system 2 months ago from an alien solar energy company in Delhi and we love it. We haven't paid any electricity bill in 2 months. It's amazing how much we have saved with the help of Aliensolar. Customer Service is the fabulous best Solar energy company in India.
Varun Sharma
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The process was very smooth and easy. Technicians were punctual and professional. Good work No. 1 solar energy company in Delhi.
Deepak Sharma
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AlienSolar energy company in Delhi has completed our solar installation. The installers were extremely efficient and friendly during installation. They took the time to explain everything to me, with proper information. It now works very well and we are quite pleased. Thank you
Santoshi Rawat
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We were very impressed by the care and professionalism of the Alien solar energy company. The installation crew was particularly outstanding. They are the No 1 solar energy company in Delhi I must say the service you provided me was pivotal in making make my decision to choose a solar company with confidence. They are the best Solar energy company in Delhi.

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