1 KW Solar System Price With Subsidy Details for a Home in India

1 KW solar panel price in india When it comes to upgrading a small home to a solar-powered home, many homeowners think they won’t be able to install a solar plant. Do you want to install a solar plant in your home? Installing a 1kW solar system can be a smart choice as solar panel price is quite reasonable in India.

A 1KW solar system can add power to a 2BHK/3BHK home where you can use four to five lights, three fans, one TV, and one laptop. Your home can take approximately 800 W loads on average every day. The entire solar setup process usually includes highly efficient solar parts, such as solar panels, inverters, mounting framework, and other accessories. The solar panels emit DC electricity after absorbing sunlight. The DC electricity converts to AC electricity via a solar inverter to power your appliances inside home.

Wondering how many types of 1KW solar systems are available in today’s marketplace or what the 1KW solar panel price in India is? Keep reading to learn the same.

1KW Solar System Price List in India

Want to know the 1KW solar panel price in India? The normal price for a 1KW solar system ranges from Rs 60000 to 120000 depending on the type of 1kw solar panel price in India with a subsidy in that location. You should consult a skilled solar contractor to learn everything, from a 1-kilowatt solar panel price with a subsidy to the most effective ways to install solar systems in your home.

Even though most homeowners in India prefer to install on-grid systems for their flexibility and high ROI, off-grid systems have a fair share of demand in the marketplace. The demand for both these systems depends on the customers’ precise requirements and budget. The cost of home solar panels varies depending on locations, availability, brands, and promotions.

The solar panel price in India excludes government subsidies. The eligibility to get a subsidy depends on different factors, including the solar system type and state regulations.

1KW Solar System Specification

Solar Power System1KW
Average Electricity Generation4 to 6 units per day
1KW Solar System PriceRs. 60,000 to Rs. 1,20,000
Solar Panel Required2 panels of 550Wp +
Warranty25 years on your solar panels
10 years on your product
1 Kilowatt Solar System Subsidy40%  Government Subsidy on benchmark price
Area Required for 1KW Solar System100 sq. ft.
AMC MaintenanceYes, with an additional cost of AMC package purchase

1KW Solar System Installation Cost in India

The 1KW solar panel price in India varies according to the type and number of 1 kW solar panels you want to buy and the complications of an installation system. You will require approximately 100 Square feet of shadow-free roof area. It will generate 5-kilowatt hours of energy during the day for 8 to 10 hours which is enough to meet your entire household’s requirements. You can increase the power generation capacity by installing more panels and getting the required battery backup. Even though a consistent decline in prices has been visible in the solar industry, an increasing number of homeowners are going solar.

PV arrays are still a crucial investment that you should do wisely. You should always consult skilled solar experts before making a final choice. The cost of solar system installation includes the amount you need to pay for taking care of solar energy. You can customize the solar system design depending on your precise requirements and conditions, and ensure that the full installation process gets effectively streamlined. A normal solar installation project usually takes approximately 1 to 2 days, depending on different types of projects. Once the solar panels are perfectly installed, your home can receive maximum sunlight.

1KW Solar System Subsidies in India

Are you planning to buy a 1KW solar system with a subsidy? You should know that the government or grid-connected solar plants and hybrid systems (except the battery backup cost) offer subsidies. No subsidy is applicable on residential off-grid solar systems. The government of India has introduced several benefitting subsidies and policies to increase solar installation among homeowners.

Subsidies can largely decrease the overall cost of buying a 1KW solar system. The future financial benefits of solar electricity prove to be long-term beneficial. Eligible homeowners can avail of a 40% subsidy on 1 KW to 3 KW rooftop solar systems as per the provision. The subsidy has been levied at 20% for on-grid solar systems varying from 3KW to 10KW. They don’t need to bear subsidies for plants of over 10KW capacity.

The Bottomline

Hopefully, this post helped you to learn 1KW solar system prices with subsidy details for a home in India. Now you know the cost of installing the three types of solar systems, you can easily choose the right option suited to your requirements.

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