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Several parts of India have frequent cuts because of massive power loads and uninterrupted power supply via the commercial grid. Are you fed up with the frequent cuts and looking for a solution to get rid of them? A solar inverter can be a great choice in a world with a sustainable environment and solar energy systems. It generates power from sun rays that can fulfill your electrical power requirements.

But how can you choose the best inverter suited to your requirements? You should consider certain factors when choosing one from the different types of solar inverters available in the marketplace. So, find below the features of various types of solar inverters to assess their qualities and make the right choice.

Here are the five types of solar inverters:

On-Grid Solar Inverters

On-grid solar inverters convert DC into AC and stop the power supply from the solar system once the grid has a power cut. Many people consider it the best inverter in India. The problem of an interrupted power supply is sometimes called a power outage. Make sure you choose an on-grid solar inverter that
prevents power outages.

Anti-islanding protection is the feature of shutting down a solar system. When the electricity passes and the wireman keeps working at the fault site, it could be a critical safety risk. Thus, anti-islanding protection is a crucial feature that your on-grid solar inverter should have.

Off-Grid Solar Inverters

Off-grid solar inverters have a battery backup and work smoothly without a grid. They supply enough energy to power home appliances, such as water pumps, TV, AC, and coolers.

Choose an off-grid inverter of 1KW, manufactured by an inverter best company brands, which can always meet the average power requirements in an Indian household. You should buy at least a 3KW off-grid solar inverter to run a 1HP pump.

String Solar Inverters

String solar inverters link to a series of interconnected rooftop panels. Nowadays, numerous companies sell such types of solar inverters in the UK, Australia, Europe, and Asia.

They are easy to maintain, suit both hot and cold weather and cost quite less than other types of inverters. So, check the price and features so you get the best string solar inverter at an affordable price.

Micro Solar Inverters

Micro solar inverters are also known as “micros”. They connect directly to a solar panel to transform DC into a usable current. The leading inverter brand will also offer you micros that can work well for solar panels installed on rough rooftops.

A micro solar inverter can be the best inverter for a home because of its high efficiency. However, they are quite expensive and thus, may not be the perfect option if you are looking for an affordable inverter.

Hybrid Solar Inverters

Hybrid solar inverters are the same as string solar inverters. But, they need a direct connection to a storage battery system for larger self-sufficiency. Thus, they are usually called battery-ready inverters. Go for a hybrid solar inverter if you want to save electricity bills.

The top inverter company will always build and sell hybrid inverters with a primary level of backup. Even though they are usually expensive, many more brands are selling them now at quite an affordable price. But, make sure you don’t compromise on qualities because of spending less amount.

The Bottom Line

A solar inverter converts sunlight’s direct current into applicable AC electricity and decreases the carbon footprint. The inverters manufactured by the top brands guarantee user safety by offering diverse features when charging the battery. They also supply a sufficient amount of power to prevent short circuits because of overload.

Hopefully, this post helped you to understand the differences between various types of solar inverters. Thus, you can easily choose the right solar inverter suited to your electrical power requirements for your home.

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