Best Grade 1 ESCO (Energy Service Company) Co. in Delhi, India

Best Grade 1 ESCO Co. in Delhi, India

We are the leading Energy Service Company (ECSO) in Delhi, India with an experience of more than 20 years of offering our energy services. We are one of the few players in the industry to be certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Our experience of having worked with more than 5000 clients hailing from reputed government organizations, private companies, and MNCs has been enriching. We experience incredible joy to save more than 20 Million electric units every year through our various go-green initiatives. We expect our small contribution towards energy conservation can bring a new revolution.

We have a highly skilled team of veteran energy auditors and analysts for demand-side management, project analysis, and monitoring. We have proved over time that we have the ability to develop innovative solutions to meet India’s constantly increasing energy needs. We focus on providing viable, budget-friendly solutions to increase energy security, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and resolve economic growth concerns. A few of our nationally acclaimed energy-saving technologies include Electronic sensors, Polymer reflectors, Electronic Ballast, LED Lights, Solar Panels, etc. Among the ESCOs approved by the government, we have the best cutting-edge technology for designing and implementing energy-saving projects across various sectors.

Why is Alienenergy the No. 1 ESCO grade Company in Delhi, India

Alienenergy under the flagship of Pranat Engineers Pvt Ltd is taking forward the mission of emission-free and clean India. We have been accredited Grade-1 by ICRA-BEE for our state-of-the-art technology and innovative energy-efficient devices, solar-powered lights, robust LED lights, etc.

Under the Perform Achieve and Trade (PAT) mission launched by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and Energy Efficiency Service Limited, we have pioneered over 200 projects ranging from improving energy efficiency in private/government/corporate buildings to large textile industries (EESL). We have successfully replaced conservative energy sources with highly efficient Solar and LED alternatives that have very low maintenance and operating cost.

Lighting Quality

We provide a broad array of energy-efficient products that can save you up to 70% of your routine power consumption. Our products have been praised for their durability, functionality, and installation ease.

We have seamlessly integrated the Internet of Things(IoT) and Artificial Intelligence(AI) to promote energy-efficient communication in smart homes. Our devices can track energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions.  

We offer the best-priced Smart LED lights, which have revolutionized home automation. We are pleased to provide you with our long-lasting Smart lights that can be customized using voice commands.

With our active BLDC technology powered fans, you can  save more than 50% on your monthly electricity bills. Our energy-efficient fans operate effectively across a wide voltage range and are available in exotic colourways.


We specialize in proving EV charging infrastructure designed to provide fastest charging.We enable you to seamlessly connect your car to the charging port using our innovative technology.

Discover how our next-generation green hydrogen technology helps us achieve our goal of zero carbon emissions. We have become the “first mover” in this new technology challenge after successfully completing several green hydrogen projects.

We are the leaders in waste management with our sustainable and turn-key solutions to convert hazardous waste ino renewable energy and superior quality fertilizer. We provide ultimate solution to our country’s exploding waste

We design buildings in accordance  with LEED/BEE/GRIHA 5 star rating metrics and also incentivize green ratings for existing buildings  enabling owners to earn credit points.

We organize workshops where our expert panel critical issues related to carbon neutrality and zero emissions. We educate to build resilient  business model that can sustain in low carbon transition.


We have highly experienced in handling energy audits of residential and commercial buildings in order to determine their energy efficiency. We assist you in slashing your energy bill while also potentially reducing your carbon footprint.

We conduct systematic evaluation of the fire threats present in your premises and also suggest appropriate measures and preventions to mitigate the risks of fire.We also provide fire safety training to occupants of the premises. 

We built economical and customized EV Charging stations to expedite your experience of charging your vehicle. We provide low maintenance end-to-end innovative charging solutions for your fleets. 

We excel in detecting potential threats to safety in accordance with industry standards, ensuring the safety of people, property, and premises. We provide the best safety audit through our experience and expertise in this domain.


ESCOs establish, construct, and arrange finance for projects to save energy, lower operational costs, lower operational costs, and carbon emissions at client facilities.

Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) is an ESCO that provides consumers with energy generated from renewable sources such as solar photovoltaics, wind power, and so on.

We charge no fees upfront. We levy our charges only after implementation of the energy saving plan taking into account the risk associated with the project.

The job of an ESCO starts with energy audit of the premises, designing energy efficiency plan and installing required systems. ESCO then chalks out a contract through which it stakes claim over savings made in electrical consumption in definite time span after implementation of the energy saving plan suggested by ESCO.

An Energy Performance Contract (EPC) between a consumer and an ESCO typically lasts between two and twenty years, depending on the execution of the recommended measures.

Energy Performing Contracts (EPC’s) can be classified in to – Shared Savings and Guaranteed Savings Contracts. In guaranteed savings plan, ESCO takes technical risk to assess a certain energy savings on the energy bill. Consumer avails bank finance and pays the contracted EMI  to the ESCO and Bank and keeps the  excess amount.

In shared savings model, ESCO takes technical and credit risk and finances a loan to the client for a contracted period. ESCO takes in to account the project development cost, implementation costs and shares the energy savings with the client at the pre-determined rates.