Our latest LED COB light series is designed to complement your style statement and the ambiance is our customer’s most loved. Our products conform to international quality standards and are highly durable, compact in design, and shock resistant. We use cutting-edge technology to produce more bright, focused light that enhances the visual appeal of your interiors. Our highly focused LED Spot Lights made from Aluminum and Plastic can be easily adjusted to infuse in with your environment.



The ultra-thin design and radiation pattern make our Delta COB Spot Light a perfect choice for you’re home. Our lights are anti-glare, simple to wire, and thoughtfully designed with quick splicing connectors to help you save money on your energy bills. You can choose between recessed and Surface mounted options based on your priorities. Our elegant LED spotlights, are dustproof and dissipate low heat resulting in a more relaxed environment.



Our fixed curved COB lights with high-intensity focussed light are fixed on the ceiling without drilling any holes in your ceiling. Our lights are certified to be the brightest and most energy-efficient COB Lights. Our specially designed high-quality fixed curve COB lights have a longer life expectancy and are flicker-free. Our COB lights emit no UV/IR radiation and contain no hazardous Lead or Mercury, making them completely safe for the ecosystem.


Our LED Deep COB Lights provide a wide range of voltage protection with a highly functional design. With our robust Deed Cob Lights, you can create a stylish and welcoming atmosphere in your homes. With our bright and focused lights, you can easily highlight elements of your home and redefine the localized ambiance you have always desired. Our deep reflectors enhance the lux levels and leverage wider lighting coverage.

Movable COB Down Light

Our aluminum-coated Delta Cob down Lights with a sleek design can fit into even the narrowest ceiling space and are a key choice for creating a magnificent environment. You can choose from our extensive range of eye-pleasing Delta Cob downlights available in color shades of Warm White, Cool White, and Natural White light and multiple wattage options. Our expertise is in high-quality reflectors and HPF drivers with low THD that are suitable for all ceiling types.


Surface alum panel light for kitchen led, home, living room, ceiling lamp, bathroom flush mounted round led panel light. This light by adopting a milk white housing and qualified LEDs, giving off uniform and bright light without flickering, keeping your eyes free from harsh and glare lights. This light with security back led driver design, It has double decompression function, providing stable driving performance, can be used in safely. And make light more durable and prolong lifespan. Surface led panel light slimmest ever, all inclusive of light fitting and ic based driver, can be directly plug in to 280v. Up to 80% energy saving, 40000 hours life service, mercury less and long life, low electricity consumption, rust less outdoor lighting
LED COB light - Alienenergy

Our latest LED COB light series is designed to complement your style statement and the ambiance is our customer’s most loved

Product Brand: Alien Energy