Panel Light

NEW Range

Our super-efficient LED Panel lights add class and elegance to your interiors and light up your room focused on your mood. We design panel lights with an ultra-slim rim that creates a wider light-emitting area without glaring and flickering. Our panel lights are the optimum choice for reducing your stress levels giving you visual comfort. Our panel lights are 50 % more efficient than conventional fluorescent lights.

AL Slim Panel Light

Our AI Slim Panel lights will walk you through the pathway to the future of LED Lighting. Our panel lights are the pinnacle of efficiency, durability, and cutting-edge technology. With our specially designed AI Slim Panel lights, experience lighting like never before. Use your phone to play around with effects and animations. Bring magic into your home and offices with our revolutionary technology. 

LED Panel Light

Our novel-designed LED Panel lights backlit are highly admired for their low heat emission and high lumen output. We use high-quality components to make our lights dependable for long-term operation, functional, and low maintenance. Our next-generation backlit panels are 30% lighter than edge-lit panels with a depth of just an inch. We give you instant versatility with our power select and color select features.

PC Backlit Panel Lights

Our scintillating Polycarbonate Panel lights with uniform illumination bring vibrance and make your zone look inviting. We are the most reliable manufacturer offering a qualitative array of PC Backlit Panel lights that are ultra-efficient and fireproof. Our panel lights can be easily mounted and can sustain a higher temperature and voltage range. We have a thriving presence across the country with our innovative and environmentally friendly products.

A adjustable rimless Ultra slim LED panel is easy to install and is the perfect lighting solution for indoor applications, as it can be used in homes, malls, stores, showrooms as well as office spaces.

Rimless Panel Light​

Our Rimless LED panel lights, available in round and square shapes add a contemporary and minimalist look to your decor pertinent to any room’s lighting needs. Our panel lights are sturdy, dimmable, rimless, and easy to install. With a high energy efficiency of about 85%, our rimless panel lights have a life span of more than 50000 hours. Our high-lumen lights are resilient to overvoltage, short circuits, and heat.